Ep 43: On Top of the Mountain with Ralphie May and Ricky Cruz

Sarah interviews Ralphie May and Ricky Cruz. They talked about being awake for 11 days straight, why they started comedy, being on the road, drugs, one night stands and Ralphie makes a big announcement! Follow Ralphie May on Twitter @Ralphie_May and Ricky Cruz @RickyCruzComedy. For Ralphie’s upcoming Harrah’s show go to RalphieMayVegas.com.



Ep 41: Sports, Superpowers and Lucid Dreaming with Joe Kilgallon

Sarah and Joe Kilgallon hop onto Joe’s couch and talk about sports, lucid dreaming superpowers, still not feeling like an adult and Joe gives Sarah some dating advice. You can check out Joe’s podcast Comedians Talking Sports and his album Pay Attention on iTunes. @joekilgallon www.joekilgallon.com



Described by the Chicago Tribune as having “a straight shooting, pull-no-punches style”, Joe has performed at clubs and colleges all Continued

Ep 40: Nightmares, Spoonerisms and Coming to America with Adam Burke!

I had comedian Adam Burke in my bed this week! We discussed nightmares, accents, coming to America, bombing on stage and breaking hearts!

You can catch Adam on Dec. 17th at Comedy Clubhouse in Chicago and on Dec. 22nd at The Aurora Roundhouse. Follow Adam on Twitter/Instagram @ATPBurke and find out more about at www.adamburkecomedy.com.



Ep 39: Deja Vu, Conspiracy Theories & Comedy with Brandie Posey!

This week, I interviewed LA Comedian and podcaster, Brandie Posey!

We talked about Deja Vu, the LA indie comedy scene, touring in alt rooms, feminism, conspiracy theories and living in unconventional spaces. You can buy Brandie’s album Opinion Cave on iTunes and listen to her podcast Lady to Lady. Also follow her on Twitter and Instagram @brandazzle.


We referenced the Curbed LA article about Brandie’s awesome trailer park pad.




Originally from Annapolis, Maryland, Brandie Posey is a stand up comedian Continued

Ep 38: Near-death experiences, napping & dating with Joel Boyd!

Joel Boyd and I hopped into bed and talk about near death experiences, hallucinating in your sleep, starting stand up at 14, getting your first big laugh and how to get a girl to like you. Follow Joel on twitter and Instagram @joelboydtv and check out his website joelboydtv.com. You can catch Joel in Twist Your Dickens at the Goodman Theater Dec. 2nd-30th and at the MLK Variety show at Laugh Factory Dec. 29th.


We had a few shoutouts in the episode:

First Stage Children’s Theater in Milwaukee, WI
Walden Theater Conservatory part of Commonwealth Theatre Center in Louisville, KY
St. Francis School in Goshen, KY
How to Get a Girl to Like You on WikiHow…at least a teenage Joel found this useful!


Joel Boyd is a comedian originally Continued

Ep 37: Hallucinating, Art & Pee with Kristen Lundberg!

This week I had comedian, actor, writer & violinist, Kristen Lundberg in my bed! We talked about hallucinating, not sleeping, wanting to be a storm chaser, pee and more!  You can catch Kristen at The Holy Fuck Comedy Hour at Annoyance on Dec. 2nd at midnight You can follow Kristen on Twitter and Instagram at @mammyspanx. And check out her website kristensfunnyhair.com

Kristen Lundberg Sarah Albritton Ep

Kristen is a Chicago based Second City Continued