Ep 54: The Friend Zone Doesn’t Exist If You Don’t Let It with Luke Touma

Sarah has Boston comedian, Luke Touma in her bed this week. They talk about starting comedy before you can get into bars, crowd work, growing up in Niagara Falls and the dreaded Friendzone and how to avoid it. You can follow Luke on Twitter @LukeTouma and on Instagram @Luke.Touma.

Luke Touma is an energetic, young comedian currently residing in New England. To those who follow his comedy, he is known most for his charisma and naturally comfortable stage presence. Luke is regularly featured at Laugh Factory and Helium Comedy clubs across the country. He has been featured in The Interrobang and Boston Magazine. Luke’s talents have enabled him to open for big name comics such as Louis CK, Jeff Ross, and Gary Gulman. As a headliner, Luke has performed weekends in Hawaii, Chicago, and all across New England. In the Fall of 2016, Luke had a video of his stand-up go viral, garnering over 40,000 views online in a matter of hours. Luke runs comedy shows at McGreevy’s on Monday and Tuesday night’s and at The Hideout on Friday and Sunday nights.

Sleeping with Sarah is a podcast where comedian and narcoleptic, Sarah Albritton interviews people in her bed. They talk about sleep, comedy and relationships. Sleeping with Sarah is proud to be part of the Laugh Factory podcast network. Visit www.sleepingwithsarah.com for more information. You can follow Sarah on twitter:@sarahalbritton and instagram @sarahalbritton or visit her at www.sarahalbritton.

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