Ep 52: From Awkward Teen to Second City Mainstage with Martin Morrow

This week, Sarah had Martin Morrow in her bed! They talked about going from writing teenage poetry to getting on the main stage at Second City, bombing and what a healthy relationship looks like.


You can follow Martin on Twitter @MartinMMorrow and visit his website www.martinmorrowcomedy.com. You can see him at the Winner of Our Discontent on the Second City Mainstage.

Martin Morrow is an ensemble cast member on the Second City Touring Company and has performed in several shows with Second City as a part of their Outreach & Diversity ensemble in addition to being a a part of the 2015 Second City/NBC Bob Curry Fellowship program, Second City PUMA scholarship recipient and graduate of The Conservatory.

Morrow serves as a producer to one of the highest acclaimed comedy shows in the country Comedians You Should Know and formerly a 100 Proof Comedy cast member and a season 13 cast member of the longest running independent comedy showcase, The Lincoln Lodge.

He has been featured on Comedy Central’s Why? with Hannibal Buress, The Huffington Post, Fox’s Laughs, Windy City Live, Esquire TV, the NFL Network, and the 9th season of NBC’s Last Comic Standing. He was named one of the New City Stage Top 50 players of 2016 and one of the top up-and-coming comedians in the country by Splitsider. He was a finalist in the seventh season of the Impress These Apes comedy competition, and performed in the 2013 TBS Just For Laughs Comedy Festival, 2014 Epitonic Deep Festival, 2014 Green Gravel Comedy Festival, 2014 Bridgetown Comedy Festival, 2014 Hell Yes Fest, the 2015 LA Riot Fest, 2015 Out of Bounds Comedy Festival, 2015 Wrestle-Geekfest, the 2015 NBC/Second City Breakout Comedy Festival, the 2015 AV Club/Onion Festival, the 2016 Tomorrow Never Knows Festival, and was one of the headliners for the 2016 Birmingham Comedy Festival. Roseanne Barr has described him as “electric”, Dan Aykroyd called him “the future of our business”, and Hannibal Burress once told him he’s “a talented kid and a chore to talk to.” Follow him on social media at @martinMmorrow

Sleeping with Sarah is a podcast where comedian and narcoleptic, Sarah Albritton interviews people in her bed. They talk about sleep, comedy and relationships. Sleeping with Sarah is proud to be part of the Laugh Factory podcast network. Visit www.sleepingwithsarah.com for more information. You can follow Sarah on twitter:@sarahalbritton or visit her at www.sarahalbritton.

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