Ep 57: What About Waking Up is Happy with Jak Knight

Sarah interviews LA comedian, Jak Knight in her bed this week. They talk about bad dreams, sleep paralysis, secret societies, global warming, being in a writers’ room, how cartoon characters shape our personalities and much more! You can follow Jak on Twitter @itsjakknight and instagram @jakknight123.

This episode could’ve also been called: “I want people to live forever”, “LA is too rich for global warming” or “Everyone’s personality can be broken up into cartoon characters from when they were kids”.

Originally from Seattle, Jak Knight is an Continued

Ep 56: Hot Dogs for Breakfast, Method Acting and Sports with Sam Ike

This week, Sarah had Boston comedian, Sam Ike in her bed! They talked about everything from strange eating habits to method acting to sports. You can follow Sam Ike on Twitter @theSamIke and check out his show Cityside Comedy in Boston.

Sam Ike is a comedian from Boston. He started doing improv and sketch, making Continued

Ep 55: Del Said Make It Happen Any Way You Can with Charna Halpern

This week, Charna Halpern and her dog Violet join Sarah in bed! Charna is the co-founder of iO (formerly improv Olympic). They talk about Del Close, psychic dreams, recruiting for SNL and experiences with several iO alumni including Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Cecily Strong and more!

You can follow Charna on Twitter @CharnaHalpern or visit ioimprov.com for more information about the theater.

Charna Halpern is the founder and Artistic Director of the iO Theater. She has been teaching performers how to work together for more than 25 years. Having founded the world famous iO (formerly known as the “ImprovOlympic”)in Chicago and Hollywood, Halpern’s theaters are the meccas Continued

Ep 54: The Friend Zone Doesn’t Exist If You Don’t Let It with Luke Touma

Sarah has Boston comedian, Luke Touma in her bed this week. They talk about starting comedy before you can get into bars, crowd work, growing up in Niagara Falls and the dreaded Friendzone and how to avoid it. You can follow Luke on Twitter @LukeTouma and on Instagram @Luke.Touma.

Luke Touma is an energetic, young comedian currently residing in New England. To those who follow his comedy, he is known most for his Continued

Ep 53: Eddie Van Halen Approved or I Saw a Sperm Whale’s Junk with Jesse Cryderman

Sarah has musician, writer and producer, Jesse Cryderman in her bed this week. They talk about everything from hating daylight savings time to going to sex museums in Europe to growing up in the middle of nowhere, technology and more. Also find out how Jesse’s guitar playing skills are Eddie Van Halen approved.


Jesse produces the Winter Camp Music Festival Continued

Ep 52: From Awkward Teen to Second City Mainstage with Martin Morrow

This week, Sarah had Martin Morrow in her bed! They talked about going from writing teenage poetry to getting on the main stage at Second City, bombing and what a healthy relationship looks like.


You can follow Martin on Twitter @MartinMMorrow and visit his website www.martinmorrowcomedy.com. You can see him at the Winner of Our Discontent on the Second City Mainstage.

Martin Morrow is an ensemble cast member on the Second City Touring Company Continued

Ep 51: Drugs are not as fun as being a kid and playing with Rachel McCartney

Sarah and Rachel McCartney hop into bed and talk about insomnia, going from computer programmer to comedian, never celebrating holidays and why drugs are not as much fun as being a kid. Follow Rachel McCartney on Twitter @RachelMComedy.

Rachel McCartney is a standup comedian living in Chicago. She is a cast member of 100 Proof Comedy, and has told jokes all over the Midwest as part of the Rainbow Connection Queer Comedy Tour. The Chicago Tribune once described her as a “New Year’s treat,” which probably made more sense when the article was published in early January. In less calendar-sensitive praise, local legend Peter-john Byrnes once called her “Chicago’s foremost grammar comedian,” and she plans to have that distinction carved into her headstone.